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cañada del avestruz olivar

Welcome to our land

A family matter

The Cañada family, dedicated to agriculture and livestock for more than 4 centuries, feels obliged to maintain and improve its crops to leave future generations a sustainable, balanced land, where the coexistence of the different living beings that share the habitat of our olive trees, make our land a breeding ground for the obtaining and success of our objective: the production of one of the best extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) in the world. The result: an award-winning EVOO both in Spain and abroad, that has obtained a gold medal in the Picual variety in the awards to which it has participated, and member of the Jaén PGI EVOO.

Alberto Cañada is currently and for more than 30 years the person in charge and manager of the farms owned by the Cañada family, who has been in charge of maintaining and increasing the environmental commitment, thus favoring biodiversity and providing not only economic value to their family but also giving an environmental and sustainable value to their lands in order to transmit it not only to their descendants but to society as a whole.

alberto cañada
Cañada del avestruz sello
Cañada del Avestruz mapa España

Our origin
a way of being

It is in Porcuna, where our olive trees are located, in the province of Jaén, the world epicenter of extra virgin olive oil and the cradle of the Picual variety.


During the last 30 years we have been rehabilitating our family farmhouse, a typical building for agricultural use of our Andalusian culture, whose building is more than 300 years old. In the same Cortijo de Cañada there is an olive oil mill from the Copper Age (III millennium BC) which testifies being the cradle of EVOO.

We understand the olive grove as a way of life, healthy for both human beings and the planet - animal and plant biodiversity.

Maintaining our olive grove in traditional cultivation mode with centenary olive trees of the Picual variety, although it implies higher production costs, actually defines us, being the expression of our culture.

Cañada del avestruz aceitunas verde

Our work 
365 days a year

Located in the Baja Campiña of Jaén is surrounded by several streams that give life to our fertile lands. Our olive grove, although not irrigated (only rainfed), has a very high almost superficial groundwater table, which gives our olive trees a natural irrigation, this being the main reason for the high quality of the fruit obtained, especially in early harvest.


We take care of our olive grove ourselves, carrying out all the tasks and working the land, thus respecting the environmental ecosystem. Harnessing rainwater, pruning, organic fertilizer with organic matter obtained from chopping its own branches, mixed with leaf compost and animal manure, new plantations and other agronomic tasks keep us busy throughout the year.

This face-to-face dedication is what constitutes our seal of guarantee in terms of the quality and authenticity of the product that we offer in each campaign, year after year, since we control all the different stages throughout the production process.

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CSR: Social Responsibility 

At Cañada del Avestruz we are a small family business with great challenges and commitments to both nature and society.

 we are very clear about what our commitments are and why we choose "this way" and no other.

More about our commitments

Cañada del Avestruz aceitunas verdes
Cañada del Avestruz sello

Our extra virgin olive oil

The entire team is dedicated exclusively to the production of our

early harvested, awarded extra virgin olive oil, while paying respect to nature and biodiversity.

Our motivation

create sensory experiences that transmit the culture of our land

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Cañada del Avestruz
early harvest

Aimed at demanding consumers, in search of sensory emotions that only the early harvest Picual variety can offer.

Campaign 2023/2024  - Harvest: 10/2023

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Dedicated services
To Professionals

We work along with gourmet restaurants who trust us so that their EVOO is an element of differentiation to indulge their guests and a competitive advantage. From our Early Harvest to limited or exclusive editions we create within the framework of long-term collaborations, it is possible to create added-value, perceived by the end-consumers.

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