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Canada del Avestruz olive grove

Care and Labours of the olive grove

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We consider both the olive grove and the olive as the "first factories" of our extra virgin olive oil.
The different stages that make up the process of making olive oil is a simple process, but at the same time it is not easy.
Simple, because today you know what you have to do. Not easy, because a vast array of factors intervene that can affect the quality of the final product.
In addition, given that throughout the production process the quality can only worsen, we pay our highest attention to the cultivation of the olive tree itself and to the health of the fruit.
Cañada del Avestruz Olive Grove

The cultivation of our olive trees

We take special care in pruning, keeping the branches young and eliminating the old wood so that the olive trees are well ventilated and have an ideal crown volume for maintaining healthy and good-sized fruit.

We achieve good use of water, especially in sloping areas, with the creation of well-distributed pools and exhaustive management of a vegetation cover, to prevent erosion and increase biodiversity.

The Harvest

Once a high-quality fruit has been nurtured, it is time to study it by collecting samples from the different areas of our farm to determine when and where we begin the harvest. 

It is essential that the fruit is at its optimum moment in which we can obtain all the good attributes of our juice. For this, we work closely with our technical team which provides us with all the knowledge regarding our fruit for its perfect handling.

In October, our experts tell us the day and area where we should start harvesting, which we carry out with all our love, effort, exquisite treatment of the fruit so as not to cause any damage, extreme cleanliness and hygiene in all the utensils and transport vehicles , exhaustively controlling the temperature so that the perfect fruit reaches the mill and in less than 12 hours it is ground in the mill.

Cañada del Avestruz on a harvest day
Cañada del Avestruz


The work of the mill master is extremely in order to extract the juice that we have catered for with such care throughout the year trying to preserve all its properties.

The extraction is carried out with extreme cleanliness, controlling the temperature at all times since the extraction is carried out cold at a temperaturetemperature between 24 and 27 degrees and never higher. 

Although the ratio "liters of oil obtained/kilos of olives" to produce our Early EVOO ranges between 9-11% (when for a more mature oil it is around 26%), we are committed to the quality. This is the reason why we achieve better sensory attributes (fruity bitterness, spiciness) and health (polyphenols).


Once extracted, the EVOO still contains traces of moisture as well as solid particles in suspension (cloudy appearance), elements that accelerate the deterioration of the quality of the oil.

Thus, we let the newly extracted oil decant for 2 days and immediately after we filter it to preserve its physicochemical and sensory characteristics and to guarantee its maximum quality.

Cañada del Avestruz

The cellar and packaging

Once the oil is filtered, we transfer it to stainless steel tanks and add nitrogen to displace oxygen and thus prevent oxidation in order to maintain excellent quality.


We maintain a constant room temperature between 15 and 18 degrees throughout the year to prevent its degradation and thus maintain its organoleptic qualities.


The cleaning of the packaging line and all the auxiliary material is essential to package our EVOO with the maximum guarantees. The packaging is carried out daily and only on request to guarantee a product in the best conditions.

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