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Cañada del Avestruz olivar

Our Commitments

Cañada del Avestruz logotipo

Jaén: land of the traditional olive grove with the Picual variety

We consciously took the decision to continue cultivating exclusively the Picual variety in traditional cultivation method (as opposed to more massive, modern and mechanised practices).

Although this supposes more costs (both fixed and variable), honouring our origin is for us a source of pride but also responsibility, which we fully assume day after day, harvest campaign year after year.

olive oil from traditional olive groves
IMG_9297.jpegCañada del Avestruz aceitunas verdes
Cañada del Avestruz cosecha

Scientific research for plant health

We contribute to the scientific research both for plant health and best practices towards more sustainable olive trees cultivation. That is why we make our farm available for research on pests, diseases and other agricultural practices for continuous improvement.

Participation to the activities of the Province of Jaén

Proud of our origin and of our Andalusian and Spanish tradition, we actively participate to various manifestations of our Province, because we believe it is our commitment to support the community and the local economy, like any initiative that promotes quality and excellence as well as the conservation of our cultural heritage.

fiesta del primer aceite de Jaén
Cañada del Avestruz Degusta Jaén
alberto cañada feria jaén
Cañada del Avestruz olivo centenario

800 olive trees

CAÑADA DEL AVESTRUZ, together with the companies Agua de Olivo and Setacor, has created the project named "800 olive trees" which is committed to contributing to conscious and responsible consumption, sustainable development of society through education and local community engagement.

International collaboration

We collaborate in several international programmes with producers from other countries (Italy, Greece), promoting the exchange of knowledge and sharing good practices to improve the quality of the results of our work.

Cañada del Avestruz colaboración internacional en el olivar
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